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Bearing Block is a block of material acting as a bearing plate.
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Joyce Dayton Corp
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Product DescriptionBEARING BLOCKS

Bearing Blocks

Every screw assembly requires a means of supporting the rotational axis of the screw and absorbing radial and axial force components. We provides a line of bearing block supports for screw and nut assemblies. Standard supports are available for Ball screws, Acme and Stub Acme machine screws, and Metric (trapezoidal) screws. Our bearing mounts are sealed and greased at the factory. They are suited for high duty cycle conditions. Scroll down to read more about bearing blocks.

Simple Single Bearing Supports (SB) - a deep groove radial ball bearing.

  • Simple radial supports
  • Designed for radial loads only
  • Float of bearing in the housing allows for thermal shaft expansion
  • Predrilled for face or foot mounting

Simple Double Bearing Supports (DB) - a set of angular contact bearings.

  • Simple support
  • Designed to support a combination of radial and axial loads
  • Predrilled for face or foot mounting
  • Industry standard for interchangeability

Fixed Double Bearing Supports (FB) - a set of spaced angular contact bearings.

  • Fixed bearing supports increase angular dynamic system stiffness
  • Allow greater compressive column strength
  • Increase effective length of column and critical speed capability of system
  • Designed to support a combination of radial and axial loads
  • Predrilled for foot mounting
  • Predrilled taper pin reaming to suit final assembly


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