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Machine Screw Jacks - Translating - 1 Ton
Machine Screw Jacks are used wherever precisely controlled lifting, lowering, tilting, and slewing movements are required in an efficient and reliable operation. Jacks are available in one of four standard end conditions or special ends to meet your requirements and are equipped with anti-backlash feature; they are rated at full capacity under static conditions.
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Joyce Dayton Corp
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General Information

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Machine Screw Jacks - Translating - 1 Ton (5:1) Total SKUs (64)
ModelCapacityTravel in InchesScrewDiameterJack ConfigurationEnd ConditionJack DesignPrice
ModelCapacityTravel in InchesScrewDiameterJack ConfigurationEnd ConditionJack DesignPrice
WJ511 Ton33/4UprightPlain Screw EndTranslating
Each (USD $)
WJ511 Ton63/4UprightPlain Screw EndTranslating
WJ511 Ton93/4UprightPlain Screw EndTranslating
WJ511 Ton123/4UprightPlain Screw EndTranslating
WJ511 Ton33/4UprightLoad Pad Screw EndTranslating
WJ511 Ton63/4UprightLoad Pad Screw EndTranslating
WJ511 Ton93/4UprightLoad Pad Screw EndTranslating
WJ511 Ton123/4UprightLoad Pad Screw EndTranslating
WJ511 Ton33/4UprightThreaded Screw EndTranslating
WJ511 Ton63/4UprightThreaded Screw EndTranslating

Product Description

Miniatures Machine Screw Jacks lift and precisely position all kinds of loads from 250 pounds to 250 tons. Upright or inverted, these precision jacks operate at full capacity whether the load is in tension or compression. WJ and RWJ series single lead jacks are self-locking under full lifting capacity. DWJ and DRWJ double lead series jacks offer increased travel speed. Alloy steel input shafts, aluminum bronze worm gears and tapered roller or ball thrust bearings provide rugged reliability. Double input shafts are standard. Single input shafts are available with right or left hand extension or additional length. Jacks are available with one of four standard end conditions or special ends to meet your requirements.

All jack designs can be fitted with protective boots. An optional anti-backlash feature compensates for thread wear, assuring minimum play between lifting screw and worm gear for smooth, precise operation. Jacks equipped with the anti-backlash feature are rated at full capacity under static conditions. 

Machine Screw Jacks in several designs including:
  • Translating
  • Double clevis
  • Trunnion
  • Keyed for non-rotation

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