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Bevel Gear Jacks
Bevel Gear Jacks are available in several designs which are Translating, Keyed for non rotation, and Keyed for travelling nut.
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Joyce Dayton Corp
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ModelScrew DiaStatic Load Capacity
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ModelScrew DiaStatic Load Capacity
Screw In CompressionScrew In Tension
BG150-S 1 1/2"
BG150-D 1 1/2"

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When selecting multiple bevel gear jacks for an interconnected row or system careful attention must be given to the input and output shaft rotations. For example, if the input shaft rotation on the first jack is clockwise, the output shaft(s) on that same jack will rotate counter-clockwise. To insure all jacks raise and lower in unison, alternating jacks must be specified with right and left hand acme screw threads. For example, if you have five jacks interconnected in a straight line and the first jack is right hand, the third and fifth jack will also need to be ordered as right hand and the second and fourth jack will need to be ordered as left hand. Bevel gear jacks are supplied standard with right hand acme screws. To order the left hand acme screw option, add an "L" to the end of your bevel gear jack part number.

  • Bevel Gear “S” Series (single lead) jacks are inherently self-locking. A brake is required for “D” series (double lead) jacks, which may lower under load.
  • Bevel gear jacks are furnished with one input shaft in position #2. Jacks may be ordered with up to three input shafts located at any combination of positions # 1, 2, or 3.
  • Bevel Gear jacks are designed for oil bath (EP-90 gear lubricant) or grease operation. The upper bearing is grease lubricated through a fitting on top of the jack.
  • Grease must be applied directly to the lifting screw.
  • Typically jacks are mounted upright with the base plate parallel to the horizon.



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