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Machine Crew Com Drive
Com DRIVE is a self-contained actuator package that combines a machine screw jack, motor, and gear reducer into a single compact unit.
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Joyce Dayton Corp
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Model NoReducer RatioTravel Speed IPMLifting Capacity Lbs
Model NoReducer RatioTravel Speed IPMLifting Capacity Lbs
CD62 5 13.88
CD62 7 1/2 9.5
CD62 10 7.04
CD122 5 6.94
CD122 7 1/2 4.75
CD242 5 3.47
CD242 7 1/2 2.38
CD242 10 1.76
DCD62 5 27.75
DCD62 7 1/2 19

Product DescriptionMACHINE SCREW ComDRIVEs Column Loading ChartProduct Options

Machine Screw ComDRIVE ton capacities. They provide travel speeds up to 35.1 inches per minute.Com DRIVEs with single lead screws (CD) are self-locking those with double lead screws (DCD) may require a brake motor or external locking device to hold position. Four standard end conditions are available and Com DRIVEs can be fitted with protective boots. Limit switches, anti-backlash devices, and other options are also available.

Com DRIVE Benefits:

  • Can power an entire jacking system.
  • Reduces the number of components that must be specified.
  • Simplifies design.
  • Reduces installation costs with only a single plate needed to mount the jack body.
  • Reduces the number of couplings and shafts required in multi-jack systems.
  • Standard 230/460 volt, 3-phase, 60 hertz motor included.
  • Com DRIVES can be specified without the motor.
  • The reducer flange accepts standard NEMA motor frame sizes.



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